on unicorns, or, why I'm always bringing up race.

i'll stop bringing up race when race is no longer an issue, sooooo never? here's the thing, i am black and a woman... at the same time. both of these things are a part of who i am and I refuse to even attempt to separate them from the things i love. just so we're clear. 

anyway, a week or so ago, i asked twitter to help me find the demographics of baseball viewership - specifically with regard to race/ethnicity. someone was trying to be helpful and asked a popular baseball dude he followed and that guy responded, "i don't subscribe to raceball." 


okay then. 

to ignore baseball's race issues is to completely disregard its history. once upon a time, baseball was filled with promising and talented Black (and Latino, and Hispanic) players. that's not the game we see today. today, Black players as superstars are usually spoken of in past tense. fans who lack melanin are often spewing dog whistles at players of color. 

 "play the game the right way!"

"wear your hat like a ball player!" 

"stop playing in jewelry!" 

seriously? do you know how you sound?  

i said all that to say, my goal for 2017 is to share some history. to impart some knowledge. to explain why i'm "always bringing up race." 

get ready.  

leave baseball the hell alone. well, mostly.

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