big riz, big leadoff man?

Anthony Rizzo. 


240 lbs.

home run hitting leadoff man. amazing.

since Dexter Fowler followed the cash to St. Louis, the Cubs have desperately needed someone to set the tone and fire up the offense. when the Cubs and Maddon first announced this change in the lineup, people were hella skeptical. typically, you go with the smaller/fastest guy at the top of the order, so Rizzo seemed like an odd choice due to his size. but let's not kid ourselves. he's not as slow as one might think. at any rate, i decided that shaking up the lineup was a good idea whether it worked or not because what they were doing wasn't working. and holy hell, so far, so good. the sample size is pretty small, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it... yet.

In 5 first innings in the leadoff spot:

 two home runs,

a walk,

a single,

 a double.

The Cubs have scored in the first inning of four of those games and are averaging 7.3 runs.

incredible. Anthony Rizzo: You Go, We Go 2.0? 


4am in chicago: banging the drum