i'm terrible at updating this but hey! here's one.

we're just under a month into the 2017 baseball season and we've already got controversy. way to go, i guess? anyway, Eric Thames of the Milwaukee Brewers is hitting his ass off and a whole lot of people are questioning whether or not he's doping. (if you don't know his story, better do your googles, my friend.)

the problem with doping accusations is that it makes you look like an ass if you're wrong. it looks like you're questioning someone's talent and hard work. and if you're John Lackey, you don't need any help looking an ass so it's a good idea to just be quiet. 

but alas, it's quite clear Lackey (and Bosio) aren't the only ones who are thinking this as Thames has been tested for drugs - TWICE. so much for random drug tests, right? that's deliberate as hell and nobody can tell me otherwise. maybe MLB is testing him like this to quiet the noise, or maybe they think he might be using steroids, who knows. 

but from what i know about steroids, and that's actually very little, is that they don't give you neuromuscular control. they do, however, increase muscle mass and strength, and give athletes a faster recovery time. you still need great reaction time and hand-eye coordination to be a great hitter. 

anyway, i don't actually care about this because it will resolve itself. power hitters don't hit the way Thames is for an entire season. it will start to trickle off a bit because that type of hitting isn't sustainable for long periods of time. 

relax, everybody. have a little fun for once. and remember, Ryan Braun is the real enemy. 

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