leave baseball the hell alone. well, mostly.

why is manfred seemingly obsessed with speeding up baseball games? why is anyone for that matter? we all know that a lot of people say they don't watch baseball because "it's boring" or "it's too slow." but is attempting to speed it up actually going to make a difference? can you actually speed up baseball without bastardizing it? 

eliminating the four pitch intentional walk - how much time does this *really* save? 30 seconds?

putting a man on second to begin extras - WHAT?! please stop.

pitch clocks - looking at you Pedro Baez. good lord. this isn't *terrible* but does it actually save any real time?

spending time at a ballgame is an investment. personally, i enjoy the three hours of drinking, talking general shit, and hanging out with my friends at a game. i need all three hours to yell "PEDs!" at Ryan Braun. i need all three hours to discuss whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. (i'm lying. i never do this. a hot dog is delicious and should never be argued over.) 

the goal should be to get asses in the seats. different types of asses. from different backgrounds. from different parts of cities. from different socio-economic backgrounds.

here's the thing, baseball, as a game, is fine. baseball, as a culture, is mostly terrible in a way that no one really wants to talk about. let's start here: leave the damn game alone. if you want to improve baseball and attract (new) fans, try changing the culture. try making those long ass games FUN. try promoting players who attract different audiences. stop talking about playing the game "the right way." get new announcers who are going to be engaging and funny since they spend so much damn time talking. 

i dunno, y'all. i'm no expert. but leave the game alone. 

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on unicorns, or, why I'm always bringing up race.