ballgame etiquette, or "sit your ass down, fam."

on sunday, I attended the Cubs-Mariners game that began with the baby bears getting down early and then roaring back and winning in 12 on a sacrifice bunt by a pinch-hitting pitcher. JON LESTER FOR THE WIN! 

my seats were in a spot of the stadium that had an amazing view, with one issue - if someone in front of me stood up, I couldn't see at all. insert hipster couple attending their first ballgame here.  

they decided to get beer from a beer vendor, because what's a baseball game without a cool,  cool beverage? but! he stood up and walked down the row to pay for it. NO. this is a no no. absolutely not. well, this inspired some tweets from me on how one should act when attending a game and I felt they would make a good post. so. here we go. share with your friends. 

if you want a beer from your seat: flag down the beer vendor, pass your ID and your money down the row. your neighbors will help you. 

do not stand and walk across the people sitting near you. no one is gonna steal your money, or your beer. everyone understands.

if you need to leave your seat, barring any emergencies, wait until the ball isn't in play,  or until the half-inning. don't disrupt the game. 

please note: "down in front" isn't a request. sit your ass down. 

there! it's simple, right? imagine if I'd missed that bunt because some jerk decided to move right then?! courtesy goes a super long way.  

got any other tips? tweet me or throw em in the comments. got a horror story of missing some action because someone got up? do the same. 


saturday night in cincinnati or, that time I almost saw my second no-hitter

saturday night in cincinnati or, that time I almost saw my second no-hitter

busch, beers, and baseball.