there is no fire.

i'm new to sharing baseball commentary, so maybe you shouldn't take what i say seriously at all. however! watching so many people i follow on twitter freak out over the Cubs losing a few games has been hysterical and sad. it's like you're so used to things going really badly for them, that at the first sign of them being, i don't know, a regular baseball team, you get absurd. 

the Cubs are still a great baseball team. they've regressed from AMAZING to just great and there's nothing wrong with that. i'm sure you'd rather see this kind of thing happen now, before the all-star break, as opposed to say, September? it's important to remember that in order to win 100, you gotta lose quite a bit, too. it. happens. gather yourselves! they are without question benefiting from that hot start right now. slumps happen. they'll make the playoffs and we'll have new worries. 

now about the bullpen... THAT could use some damn work! 

basically, put the fire extinguishers away, there is no fire.      

pitchers who rake

what am i doing here?

what am i doing here?