the break is over! the break is over!

give yourself a pat on the back if you read that in krs-one's voice.


it's been nearly a week without "real" baseball. all we've had to entertain us sports wise was the home run derby and the all star game. while i found the derby to be super fun to watch (giancarlo stanton was incredible!), it just didn't sate my need for competition. 

in case you missed it, the AL won the all star game and home field advantage in the world series. has anyone figured out why this arbitrary decider even exists?! 

like you, my friend, i'm glad the break is over and my friday is free to get into some baseball and b... sparkling water. my diet is killing my alliteration. 

only a few more hours to go. we've basically made it.

busch, beers, and baseball.

pitchers who rake