what am i doing here?

what am i doing here?

this seems like a good place to start. 

my love of baseball has grown over the years into sort of a mild obsession. growing up in northeast ohio, i had the Cleveland Indians. to be 100 percent honest, my first peeks into baseball came via a crush. he liked and played baseball and that was interesting. most of the guys i knew were heavy into basketball and football, not this guy, though. he was special. (okay, not really. i was 11 and basically knew nothing. but back then, he was special.)

i moved to Chicago for college 15 years ago and that's the beginning of the end. or the beginning of the beginning. whatever you wanna call it. major, major sports city. men, women, boys, and girls all lose their collective shit over the local sports teams. (jury's still out on whether this is a good thing or not.) as an ohioan, i absolutely REFUSED to adopt the baseball team on the south side, so i decided i'd lend my fandom to the north side squad. and thus, began my indoctrination. little did i know, that i'd find myself years later, piecing together ticket packages and single game tickets to attend as many games as I can, tweeting furiously about them, making new friends solely around the purposes of baseball shenanigans. but here i am. 

with this blog, i plan to share my random, oftentimes ridiculous musings and observations during games. this is not a serious baseball blog. you won't find me breaking down trades, salaries, or plays. i'm just here so i won't get fined. or tweet too damn much. 

happy you're here! 

there is no fire.