guest post: do you even baseball, bro?


The answer is no. I don’t baseball at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love sports, but I’m a fast paced, high stakes sports junkie. Gimme a game packed with running, jumping, skating, and fierce hits and I'm in heaven. Baseball, to me, seems like a lot of hurry up and wait. Like, why do we need nine whole innings that drag on for an eternity?


I only recently went to my first baseball game at Wrigley Field despite being a lifelong Chicagoan. [Spoiler alert: I was in it for the free box seats, pre & post-game food, and unlimited top shelf booze!]Despite my disinterest in the sport overall, I've been to a number of Brewers games. Most times I barely made it into the actual park. (If you've never tailgated at Miller Park, I highly recommend. It's a helluva experience!) I was mainly there for the fellowship with friends.


But during the 2016 postseason a funny thing happened. I found myself actively turning to the games at home and calling pitches fair or foul. Yelling at the screen. Just being a crazy bizarro person who had a genuine interest in a sport that I'd previously compared to the equivalent of watching paint dry. And there's only one person to blame for this...the honeybear that runs this joint.


Prior to my acquaintance with Shake, baseball was barely a passing thought. I only mentioned it to lament on how long their damned season was. (Seriously...why is it 5011 games?) But after hearing her speak about her passion for the sport, the origin story of her fanhood of the Tribe, and adoption of the Cubs as her team since she's moved to Chicago, I was intrigued. The introduction to some of the fine men of the game (hey, Dex!) certainly went a long way in bringing me over to edge to actively caring about the sport enough to give it my full attention.


The zeal with which she speaks about the MLB is infectious. She's generous with her knowledge, dispensing it out in tailor made customized bits to people in her circle who were previously disinterested in the game. She's gathered us into the fold, spoon-feeding the game piecemeal until we we’re chomping at the bit for the next serving.  Which, in my opinion, is a super cool ability to possess.


Now I’m not saying I’ve become a superfan or even a bandwagoner since one of the two teams in this city has very recently clinched a world championship (because honestly, I just don’t have the bandwidth for another obsession), but I will say that my POV regarding baseball has changed & that’s 100% due to my friendship with Shake.


So congrats friend, I’ll see you in the bleachers!

  - @litfangrl 

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guest post: flying the w for grandpa

guest post: flying the w for grandpa