off-season coping: baseball books & movies to help you get by.

well friends, the leaves have started to fall, the air is getting crisp, and baseball season is over.  this year's World Series was definitely an instant classic. the Chicago Cubs came back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Cleveland baseball team in a real nail biter that went to extras and had a rain delay. a game so stressful, i was certain i was gonna vomit.

i posted on twitter this morning, "what am i gonna do without baseball?" and i had the idea to create lists of baseball books and movies to get us by until pitchers and catchers. so, with a little help from my friends, here they are: 


a league of their own

major league 1 & 2

rookie of the year


angels in the outfield  

the natural

the fan

mr. 3000

brewster's millions  

bad news bears - with Walter Matthau 



soul of the game  

bull durham

field of dreams

eight men out

the sandlot

for the love of the game

the bingo long: traveling all-stars & motor kings  


mr. baseball

fever pitch  



rookie of the year

art of fielding

after jackie

the last innocents  

lords of the realm

the numbers game

the boys of summer

the bill james baseball abstract  

mo'ne davis: remember my name: my story from first pitch to game changer

the best team money can buy

larry doby: the struggle of the american

league's first black player

banks to sandberg to grace: five decades of love and frustration with the Chicago Cubs

we are the ship: the story of negro league baseball  

i was right on time  

sandy koufax: a lefty's legacy

the glory of their times: the story of the early days of baseball told by the men who played it

the game: inside the secret world of major league baseball's power brokers

the arm: inside the billion-dollar mystery of the most valuable commodity in sports

the ticket out

black baseball, black business

voices from the great black baseball leagues

out of left field: jews and black baseball

negro league baseball: the rise and ruin of a black institution


these lists are by no means exhaustive, but a good starting place to get you through the baseball blues. feel free to comment with your own additions.  








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photo set: world series