nlcs game two: i probably should've drank.

well, game two had much less excitement and literally no alcohol.  

Hendricks v Kershaw was an implied low scoring game, buuuut i didn't expect a shutout for the boys from the north side.

Kershaw was Kershaw. he held the Cubs hitless until the the bottom of the fifth when Javy Baez singled. which, honestly, was a relief. getting no hit in the postseason would be absolutely aggravating.

the Dodgers' sole run was a solo homer in the second by Adrian Gonzalez in the second.  

despite the low/no score, Javy continues to be impressive as hell showing off his awareness and baseball IQ by letting the ball bounce and forcing a DP in the top of the sixth.  

i was much more subdued tonight. i was calm, unsurprised, and unbothered by the outcome. 

the series heads to LA where we will see if "California Jake" makes an appearance against Rich Hill.  

in the meantime, BEER RUN! 

photo set: world series

photo set: world series

nlcs game one: six beers and two shots of malort.