nlcs game one: six beers and two shots of malort.

don't judge me but, this was me last night during game 1 of the NLCS. two beers and a cookie. because stress.

also hot and sweaty. because crowded bar.


photo by my friend and budding baseball enthusiast, @thewayoftheid. 

photo by my friend and budding baseball enthusiast, @thewayoftheid. 

the atmosphere around Wrigley was amazing. lots of excitement. and everyone was super friendly.

sports has a way of bringing people together.

before the game, my friend Beth and I were having a discussion during Cleveland/Toronto about how we thought the Cubs/Dodgers matchup was gonna go. she said, "Lester's first pitch is gonna be a strike and then I'll be calm." she nailed this, btw. I said that I was pretty sure Jon was gonna be locked in and the Cubs would be okay.

through four, it looked like the Cubs were gonna be okay. they jumped out to a 3-0 lead. Javy Baez stole home. i was feeling good and so was everyone else. then, in the top of the 5th, Andre Eithier homered to left and it was just a two run lead.

a two run lead. scariest lead ever. so much game left. eeek! MOAR BEER! THIS IS FINE!

in the top of the 8th, it was the perfect storm. Andrew Toles, pinch hitting, singled. [this is fine.] Chase Utley walked. [what is happening?!] Justin Turner singled. bases loaded. [do something, Joe!] Aroldis Chapman comes in and with no outs. strikes out Seager and Puig. [i can't breathe.] Adrian Gonzalez singles. two score. game is tied.


i turn to my friend and current baseball enemy, Sam, a Dodgers fan, and tell him this is where the game is about management. he agrees. 

bottom of the 8th. asses in Chicago are clenched. bars are running out of beer. Zobrist doubles. [okay!] Addy grounds out. [dammit! that's okay. it's just one out.] THEY WALK JASON HEYWARD. [are you serious, Dave Roberts?!] Javy, trying to do too much, flies out and is visibly disappointed. [shit. that's two outs. remember to breathe.] they walk noted baseball hero Chris Coghlan. an obvious move to try to force Joe Maddon's hand here. strategery to get to the pitcher's spot.  [what do you say, AL friends?!] Miguel Montero comes up to pinch hit and goes 0-2. and then... it happened. Joe Blanton hung a slider and Miggy killed it. [that ball had a family!]


the north side loses it. i'm pretty sure i felt the ground shake. LET'S DO A SHOT!

Dexter Fowler decided to join the party and immediately hit a solo homer.


as you know, the Cubs won. 

and all it took was six beers, and two shots.  playoff baseball makes me drink.

nlcs game two: i probably should've drank.

dreaming of champagne in October.